Hello, thank you for visiting my page! This site is primarily dedicated to my professional life, so I will share with you a little more about that. I am a quantitative psychologist by training, meaning that I studied methods for collecting, managing, and statistically analyzing data in the social and behavioral sciences. I earned by PhD in 2017 from University of California, Davis under the mentorship of Dr. Shelley Blozis.  


I currently work as a Research Statistician at Boston College, supporting faculty, graduate students, and post-doctoral research staff with their statistical analyses related to academic research. I also teach Graduate Statistical Methods in the Psychology department at Clark University in Worcester, MA. Prior to joining Boston College, I was an Assistant Professor of Quantitative Methods in the Psychology Department at California State University in Sacramento.


As a quantitative psychologist, my research has covered topics such as advanced methods for analyzing categorical and continuous data with many zeros, linear mixed-effects modeling and methods for detecting individual differences in longitudinal data, and an applied study in which we used a multilevel survival model to predict grade retention in K-8th grade. Click here for a list of selected research and publications.